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Author of emotional, evocative romances

Diana Fraser

Diana Fraser

About Diana Fraser

Hello, and thank you for dropping by!


I write romances with stories which make you turn the pages, and characters who feel real—whether they be sheikhs, British billionaires, medieval knights or everyday people whose lives are usually far from everyday (at least in my books).


In the past I've used different pen names (Sophie Haydon, Saskia Knight & Diana K Holmes) to distinguish one type of book from another but I've decided to use only one author name in future to save confusion. Besides,​ while they might be set in different time periods and places, I have to say they all sound like they’ve been written by me. Because I can’t resist love, mystery and happy endings! 😀


A little about me...I'm an avid people watcher, hopeless romantic and dreamer who spends far too much time gazing out the window, imagining scenes where people struggle with life and emotions but always end up happily. Because, yes, I'm also an eternal optimist!


I live in beautiful New Zealand, just north of Wellington in a small village by the sea. It's here, in a sunny window seat overlooking the hills and trees, that I write my books. 


Wherever you are in the world, welcome to my little corner, where I sit with my two cocker spaniels snoring gently beside me, creating worlds where people struggle with life and emotions but are always rewarded with love and happiness in the end. Because that's non negotiable!

You'll find my blog under the NEWS tab. Here you can catch a glimpse of my life—what I'm up to and what I'm writing. I've listed my latest release below and, if you'd like to receive an email to let you know when I've published a new book, please enter your email address in the form at the bottom of this page. You can unsubscribe at any time.


The BOOKS tab above will take you to a complete listing of all of my books, and includes a list you can download.


I hope you enjoy my books.





Summer Beach

Coming Soon!

Summer Beach Series

Introducing the captivating world of Summer Beach, where family ties run deep, romance blossoms in unexpected places, and mysteries unravel against the backdrop of New Zealand's stunning coastal beauty. Dive into the pages of Diana Fraser’s new series, where each book invites you to escape into the lives of the Sutherland family as they navigate love, loss, and the secrets hidden within their ancestral home. The journey begins with Return to Summer Beach.

Return to Summer Beach

Embark on a poignant journey of healing, redemption, and rediscovery in Return to Summer Beach, an emotional tale of resilience and second chances.

In the picturesque town of Summer Beach, Jen finds herself at a crossroads, fleeing the shadows of her past with her young son in tow. Haunted by the scars of an abusive marriage, she seeks solace and sanctuary in the familiar embrace of her family home. But that home is shrouded in its own mystery, and her siblings' and mother's lives aren't as straightforward as they appear.

As Jen reconnects with her family and her roots, she comes face to face with Sam, the man who once betrayed her—the charismatic ex-boyfriend whose actions drove her to flee overseas fifteen years ago. But Sam carries his own wounds born of war and a vengeful ex-wife.

Can Jen find it in her heart to forgive, or will the wounds of the past prove too deep to mend?

Return to Summer Beach.jpg
The desert at sunset--background to the Diamond Sheikhs series by Diana Fraser.

Diamond Sheikhs

At the Sheikh's Pleasure

A grieving sheikh and a distrustful academic hunt for a mythical diamond, discovering love amidst ancient secrets and their own wounded hearts.

At the Sheikh's Pleasure.jpg

Latest Release!

London at sunset--background to the British Billionaires series by Diana Fraser.

British Billionaires

The Billionaire's Contract Marriage

Bound together in a marriage neither desires, a hard-hearted billionaire and a secret heiress confront their shared destiny.



Exotic locations, exotic characters, love, revenge, secrets, and heartache all come together perfectly to create an emotional yet romantic tale...This author's writing is lush, sensual, and flowing."

Amazon Review of The Sheikh's Bargain Bride

Praise & Reviews

"Wonderful! I could not put it down. My favorite of the Desert Sheikhs. Bravo author. Well done."

Amazon Review of Awakened by the Sheikh

"Dark, Dramatic and Dynamite! I read this book in one day - it was an emotional and compelling read and completely impossible to put down." 

Amazon Review of The Italian's Perfect Lover

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