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Akaroa—home to my Lantern Bay books

I remember the first time I visited Akaroa. I was with friends, the weather was hot and sunny and Akaroa totally charmed me with its colonial buildings and picture-perfect harbor. I hadn’t written any books then but, years later, when the time came to find a setting for a new series about the Connelly family, I knew it had to be Akaroa.

And so I first wrote about Akaroa in the last Mackenzie book—Summer at the Lakehouse Café—when Lizzi took Pete home to meet her family for the holidays. It seems fitting to finish the series with another family occasion—Christmas. Except, in this book—Yours to Love—all the family have found the loves of their lives and are looking forward to a future filled with love, family and no doubt, some challenges. But there’s nothing like a challenge to make you appreciate your family.

I've attached a few photos from my last visit a few years ago which inspired some of my books. They include the church where I imagined Rachel got married and the Backpackers in Akaroa, where I imagined Flo running her business.

On Thursday 2 May 2024, my Lantern Bay Box Set containing the first three books in the series is for sale at $0.99 for a week (it's usually US$9.99). You can grab a copy by tapping this link.

Happy reading!


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