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Aurora? What Aurora?

I have to say I’m annoyed. I wait all my life to see the Aurora Australis only to find I missed it by half-an-hour.


As I’d been watching some nonsense on the TV, nature had decided to put on a once-in-a-lifetime light display outside my curtained window. I only discovered it because of the neighbourhood Facebook group where someone had posted a spectacular image… thirty minutes earlier. I rushed outside. Nothing. Dark skies, studded with lovely stars but no purples and greens to be seen.


So, because I make stuff up for a living, here’s my solution. Me, superimposed on my dear friend Anne’s photo (in Norfolk, England—hope you don’t mind, Anne? OK, so it’s the Aurora Borealis up there, but who’s quibbling?) Making stuff up is my solution to life’s problems and I have to say it works for me :)


I leave you with the description of the Aurora I wrote in What You See in the Stars:


“As the violet of the sky above darkened, deep magenta columns of light rose from the pale gold horizon, spreading one minute before narrowing like spotlights, shifting like flames. For all its glory, there for anyone to see, it somehow felt intimate, as if the sky was putting on a show just for them. Rebecca couldn’t have said how long they stood silently watching the aurora australis paint the night sky with its vivid colors, but finally it subsided, settling into a band of bright gold, low on the horizon. And when he reached for her hand it felt completely natural and she curled her fingers into his warm palm until the southern lights had completely faded from the sky.”

Ah, I've forgotten my irritation already. A warm hand holding yours can do that. :)






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