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A desert sunset -- backdrop for the Diamond Sheikhs series of books.

The Sheikhs’ Convenient Brides

Amidst the swirling sands and scorching heat of the Sirun desert, two powerful sheikhs must confront the demons of their troubled pasts as they navigate the treacherous path between duty and desire. In a land steeped in tradition and torn by turmoil, these two proud desert princes will be forced to choose between the heavy mantle of obligation and the burning pursuit of happiness. Only by facing their darkest fears and risking everything will they have a chance to find love and finally heal their wounded souls.


Stranded with the Sheikh

Stranded with the Sheikh.jpg

A forbidden passion ignites amidst the swirling sands of Sirun...


English model Sarah Albright's world is turned upside down when she learns the shocking truth about her past. Determined to uncover her roots and avenge her family, Sarah journeys to the foreign land of Sirun. But a stolen bag and raging sandstorm trap her in a desert castle with a mysterious stranger.


As Sarah and the enigmatic sheikh are cut off from the outside world, a sizzling attraction sparks between them, leading to a night of unforgettable passion. However, Sarah later makes a heart-wrenching discovery—her lover is none other than King Kadar, son of the man she holds responsible for her parents' deaths and her own exile.


Haunted by a troubled past, Kadar is a man on a mission, willing to do whatever it takes to bring peace to his divided country. Convinced that love is a lie, he sets out to make Sarah his bride, seeing their marriage as the key to uniting warring factions. But as desire reignites and secrets unravel, will a shocking betrayal shatter their fragile bond forever?


Stranded with the Sheikh is an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride that will sweep you away to the dunes and palaces of Sirun. As Sarah and Kadar battle duty, vengeance, and their own conflicting hearts, they must decide if their love is strong enough to forgive the sins of the past and embrace a future together. Passion and peril collide in this captivating tale of star-crossed lovers, family secrets, and political intrigue.


Seduced by the Sheikh

When duty calls, Sheikha Soraiya must marry the notorious playboy Sheikh Zak to save both their kingdoms. But this convenient marriage is anything but easy! Zak, now the king, hides a heavy heart behind his rakish charm, scarred by his father's death and mother’s betrayal.


In a world of opulent palaces and scorching desert sands, Soraiya and Zak battle court intrigues, diplomatic pitfalls, and their own simmering attraction. With Zak's fear of treachery, trust is a rare treasure. Yet Soraiya's brilliance and devotion make Zak wonder if love is worth the risk after all.


But just as their fiery chemistry ignites, Soraiya's shameful secret is revealed. Believing she's protecting Zak's rule, she vanishes into the night, ready to sacrifice their chance at happiness.


Zak must decide—is his honor worth more than his heart? Once he finds her, can he prove to her that their love is strong enough to conquer all, uniting them and their kingdoms forever?

Seduced by the Sheikh.jpg
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